Nü Eco Tape

We are excited to introduce to the global market our fully biodegradable general- purpose packaging tape.  Nü Eco Tape is a safe non-toxic option for individuals and businesses looking for a truly eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic tapes.

The introduction of our NÜ Eco tapes into the global supply chain, will ensure that tapes used around the world for sealing boxes are made from environmentally friendly materials that will biodegrade much quicker and will have low life-cycle impact on the environment.



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Nü Eco Tape is a fully biodegradable general-purpose packaging tape.  Nü Eco Tape is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional non-biodegradable packaging tape.  Our Nü Eco Tape is strong, durable and sticky, so perfect for sealing boxes and parcels whilst being good for the environment. Our Nü Eco Tapes are made from marine organic calcium and plant-based enzyme mixed with a small amount of Polyethylene which means after use they can be recycled along with cardboard packaging so it will not contaminate recycling streams.

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Weight 0.25 kg

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Nü Eco Tape Is Now Available In Custom Volumes.


For More Info Email; trade@bthechange.today


We believe our planet needs a radically new approach and fresh perspective, to create personal care products that work now, and work for the future.

Sustainability is now an integral part of the performance, not an alternative to it.  We recognise and admire all consumers who are making the change, and want to empower more to make smart informed choices. It’s time for us all to be the change!

End Of Life

  • Nü eco tape is suitable for disposal with regular recycling streams
  • Nü eco tape breaks down within two years if discarded into our environment.
  • Certified to international biodegradable standard ASTM (Biodegrades in natural conditions and leave no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues)
  • If Nü eco tape was to end up in a landfill site, they would naturally breakdown into harmless, non-toxic gases (CO2, H20 and CaO), In fact: CaO positively aids soil fertility!
  • If Nü eco tape was to be disposed of using an incinerator, then a harmless non-toxic gas would be produced.

What's Included

1 Piece

For more information on volumes, visit Trade Enquiries


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